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Typical Anodised Finish Colours. AWS can provide anodised finish colours to suit your specification, below are some of the more comon anodised finish colours. AWS provides a helpful whitepaper which explains the importance or atmospheric conditions on the correct specification and maintenance of anodised window and door

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Chose your aluminium window frame colour and choice of grade for increased level of corrosion protection. Our versatile protective coatings consist of 8 powder coating colours and 2 anodised aluminium treatments. Powder Coat Colours for Aluminium Windows. FIN offers 8 quality stock aluminium powder coating colours. These 8 standard powder coat

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Our innovative range of thermally broken aluminium window and aluminium door systems can incorporate Dual Colour Technology. Select different colours for the interior and exterior of your aluminium windows and aluminium Never before have you had such flexibility in finish selection for aluminium windows and aluminium

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colours are achieved electro-chemically using German technology. We are able to anodise aluminium sections up to 10 metres for clear and 6.5 metres for colour . Anodising provides aluminium with longevity, corrosion resistance and low down stream maintenance, whilst giving the metal metallic lustre and

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are divided into 2 Stock colours and Non-Stock colours. There are 15 stock colours which are available from our aluminium suppliers. These colours are stocked at our factory and do not incur additional charges. There are over 50 non-stock colours which are required to be powder coated on

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Anodised colours offer a natural appearance that has inherent resistance to the Choosing A Colour Palette For The Exterior of Your Home. Whether you want to compliment your building colour or contrast with it, the colour and finish of your windows doors is an important consideration. Neutral colours often work

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Hi All - our architect specified clear anodised aluminium windows for our building. When our builder called to put the order in to the window company they said that the anodised option was an unnecessary expense and that the could get a similar look with

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Sapphire Aluminium is Australia\'s most recognised supplier of bespoke solutions for anodised and powdercoated aluminium to architects and builders. MICROLINE CREATES SO MANY POSSIBILITIES VIBRANT COLOURS FOR EXTERIOR

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First time questioner here. We have to decide this week on the aluminium sliding stacker doors colour. I am so stuck silver, white,or sea mist. Deff not black. The house is two story with beautiful green forest and water views and two sides of the house are stacker sliding doors so

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Advantages of anodised coatings Easy to maintain, anodised aluminium can be cleaned periodically with water and a mild detergent to restore its original

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Aluminium window installation is backed by a 1-5 year guarantee, provided that window finish is done within 30 days from the aluminium window installation. The guarantee ensures weather-tightness in the joints between aluminium window frame and aperture (if weather-tightening is specified in the

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The distinctive windows feature two bays of blades and a thick 50 mm powder coated aluminium frame. Light tint aluminium windows have a retro appeal. Aluminium windows that feature louvre bays positioned on either side of a fixed panel create a unique vintage style. Clear anodised plain aluminium frames complement the light grey tint

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2 leading independent finisher of Architectural Aluminium. For just on 40 years, our highly experienced team have been providing award-winning Aluminium Anodising and Powder Coating

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ALUMINIUM TRIM ANGLE 10 x 10 x 1.6mm - TAM1010. Aluminium Trim 10mm x MillAlloy 6060 Please call for

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Resistance to minor damage during transport (rubbing) and general Excludes scratches. Suitability for folding and rolling post-finishing, particularly relevant for aluminium sheet for flashings etc. Electro and Precious colours are not recommended if post finish fabrication (eg. rolling, folding, bending etc.) is required. For bright colours

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WINDOWS DOORS. Established in 1977, Windows Doors is the leading designer, manufacturer and supplier of aluminium windows, aluminium doors, shower screens, insect screens, security screens, glass splashbacks, sliding wardrobe doors and mirrors in

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what I can gather colours like Dulux Anotec and Anodic are just powder coat finishes that mimic the colour of anodised aluminium (anotec, anodic and anodised all sound the same and refer to the anodising process in which the aluminium is the anode (the positive terminal) in the plating

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Hi camking77,. Thanks for joining in the discussion on Workshop. We\'re pleased to have you join us. This is always a popular topic. You might find the resources on the Bunnings site useful, such as the D.I.Y. Advice guide How to paint window frames and the article Transform your aluminium window frames from the Bunnings magazine. The techniques shown are obviously the

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