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1 Summary of Technical Data Sheet 1. General is an aluminum composite material (ACM) with fire-retardanta core, suitable for exterior or interior claddings and roof covering new buildings and retrofit applicationsin

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Download Alpolic Information Sheet. Charachteristics. We always use the which has a mineral core with a low density. This makes the material lighter than solid aluminium with comparable strength. Standard is 4.0 mm thick, but there are lighter and heavier

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Alpolic is the brand name of the aluminium composite material produced by Mitsubishi for over 40 years in Japan. Sorba has used this material in various projects since 2004. In these past years Mitsubishi and Sorba have developed a close relationship, this relationship became even tighter when Mitsubishi opened a

is suitable mainly for sign. Actually, it is widely used for canopy of petrol service stations, corporate parapet sign for retail shops and guide signs for public facilities. It is lightweight and rigid, and cheaper than the solid aluminum sheet of the equivalent

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1 all the technical resources for Metal Composite Materials online. Find building codes, product brochures, warranty info

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ALPOLIC TM aluminium composite panels are ideally suited for the sophisticated design of ventilated in existing and new buildings as well as for interior applications. The material is characterised by outstanding product features such as excellent flatness, easy deformability, high bending stiffness and a variety of

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2 Metallic Panel Finishes. To create metallic finishes, we apply a coat of our Lumiflon FEVE fluoropolymer resin using our unique die-coating process that ensures smooth, even results with no roping marks. This next-generation finish offers an unprecedented color and gloss range with exceptional clarity, allowing us to create a convincing metallic

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ALPOLIC ACM. is an aluminium composite panel with a fire-retardant core. It is commonly used within the construction industry worldwide, specifically to clad domestic, commercial high-rise building projects. meets the NFPA 285 fire standard, while offering the most extensive panel paint warranty within its

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aluminium composite panels, fire-retardant fr aluminium composite panels comprising two 0.5 mm thick aluminium panels and a fire-retardant, mineral polymer core (FR). ALPOLICTM panels with an aluminium sheet thickness of 3 mm Bolts The bolts suspending the above materials are specified as 8 mm bolts

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Summary of Technical Data Sheet - 1. General is an aluminum composite material (ACM) with a non-combustible mineral-filled core, used as exterior and interior claddings

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Brake Metal. This sheet metal brake is commonly used in fabrication to form roof caps, flashing, fascia trim, accents and other coplex forms. is designed for use in circumstances that require fire-retardant panels, such as buildings that exceed a minimum height. It is one of the most popular choices for

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is an Aluminium Composite Panel that is specifically designed for the construction industry. It is composed of a mineral filled core sandwiched between two skins of 0.5mm thick aluminium. By meeting fire codes worldwide, obtaining Codemark certification accommodating aesthetic

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materials with our mica finishes in shades of silver, platinum, champagne, gray and anodic clear bring a sophisticated flair to your project. Mica

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Aluminium composite panels Technical data international fire classifications * 3mm does not correspond with the general building authority approval DIBt, Berlin - the world\'s first address for aluminium composite panels is a brand of Mitsubishi Chemicals

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Alpolic sheet is ideal for store fixturing, product merchandising, trade show exhibits, POP displays, food service kiosks and carts, countertop merchandise signage and fascia systems. Range of products ALPOLIC LT - painted and anodized ALPOLIC STONE SERIES - ALPOLIC A-LOOK - decorative mirror

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is rated Class A under the ASTM E84 standard, and is suitable for general-purpose use. is designed for ICC 1407 compliant wall assemblies, required by the International Building Code for use on exterior walls in excess of 40 feet above grade. These wall assemblies must pass the NFPA 285 fire

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Brake Metal offers a complement to our ACM products, giving fabricators the ability to form roof caps, flashing, fascia trim, accents and other complex forms using a sheet metal brake. This material is finished with FEVE fluoropolymer resin in many of our most popular 4mm architectural stock colors and select specialty

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Rely on materials to make your vision a reality. For more than forty years, our light, rigid, aluminum and metal composite materials (ACM and MCM) have led the industry for reliable