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Another alloy 5005 is also used as a more refined alternative to 3003. With magnesium being the main alloying element, 5005 is slightly higher quality, but is not as commonly used due to higher cost. 5052 Aluminum. As far as non-heat treatable alloys are concerned, this is the strongest one with great resistance against salt water

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M2 - Common Aluminum Alloys and their Applications Aluminum Alloy and Temper Typical Properties and Applications 1100-O 1100-H14 Commercially pure aluminum resistant to chemical attack weathering, low cost, ductile for deep drawing easy to weld, used in chemical equipment, fan blades, sheet metal work.

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alloys. Aluminum is a highly sought after metal both in construction and in other fields of human activity. However, in pure form it is used very rarely. Aluminum alloys are most commonly used. Aluminum alloys properties and treatment of metals. All aluminium alloys can be divided into cast and

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High-strength Aluminium Alloys for Aeronautic 5 Song RenguoCenter of Materials Physics and Chemistry Research,College of Science, University of Aeronautics Astronautics, Current Status and Trends in High Strength Aluminum Alloy Research

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alloys are strong, weldable, and resist marine corrosion. The 5xxx alloys are used to make pressure vessels and storage tanks and for various marine applications. Alloy 5182 is used to make the lid of aluminum beverage cans. So, aluminum cans actually consist of at least two

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2 1xxx series alloys are comprised of aluminum 99 percent or higher purity. This series has excellent corrosion resistance, excellent workability, as well as high thermal and electrical conductivity. This is why the 1xxx series is commonly used for transmission, or power grid, lines that connect the national grids across the United

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in boat hulls, gangplanks, and other products exposed to marine environments Alloys in which magnesium and silicon are the principal alloy-ing elements, commonly used for architectural extrusions and auto-motive components Alloys in which zinc is the principal alloying element

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Humans make metal alloys for various reasons. Some alloys have long-standing historical significance. For example, electrum is a naturally-occurring alloy of gold and silver (with trace amounts of copper) that was used to make the very first metal coins in ancient

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in bearings because of its low measure of friction with steel. Bell Casting of bells. Mainly Copper with up to Zinc Inexpensive jewelry, hose nozzles and couplings, stamping dies. Mainly Copper with up to Coins medals, heavy gears, tools electrical hardware. Coin Used in


and its Low density (2.7 high ductility (even at room temperature), high electrical and thermal conductivity and resistance to corrosion BUT law melting point Main types of - Wrought - Cast - e.g. Aluminum-Lithium

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most commonly used materials are aluminum and aluminium alloys with other metals, including zinc, magnesium and copper. 7005 is an aluminium alloy used bicycle frames, due to its relative ease of welding it does not require expensive heat treating - it is however harder to form making manufacture more

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Gene Mathers, in The Welding of Aluminium and its Alloys, 2002. alloys (7XXX series) 7XXX series alloys may, from a welding point of view, be conveniently divided into two groups. The first group is the high-strength alloys containing more than copper, normally used in the aerospace industry and joined by non-welding

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intake, cowling. Used commonly as Alclad, Used in welded structures 2090 New Aluminium Lithium Alloys of Higher strength, Better corrosion resistance, Lower weight. Stiffeners, Bulkheads, Wing leading and trailing edges 6061 Wieldable, Good formability, wide range of mechanical properties can be

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Aluminium Alloys Commonly used in Australia Grade The most widely used of all aluminium alloys. It is essentially commercially pure aluminium with the addition of Magnesium which increases strength some over 1100. With excellent corrosion resistance and workability it can be deep drawn or spun, welded or

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The different metals that are used to prepare alloys are zinc, copper, tin, aluminum, chromium, nickel, silver, etc. Moreover, the different non-metallic elements used to make alloys are carbon, boron, sulfur, zinc, etc. Depending on the composition of metal or non-metal in the alloy, we have different types of alloys being

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Aluminium is ideal for the construction of small leisure boats, luxury vessels, workboats, fishing vessels, and patrol boats through to some of the largest high speed passenger car ferries. Reasons for this are outlined as are the alloys commonly used by boat

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most commonly used materials are aluminum and aluminium alloys with other metals, including zinc, magnesium and copper. Zeron 100 is a super duplex stainless steel developed by Rolled Alloys. The alloy has excellent corrosion

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Aluminium Alloys Cobalt Superalloys Copper Alloys Nickel Superalloys Precious Metals Refractory Metals Steels Titanium Alloys . In AM, powder made of AlSi10Mg is commonly used, due to the high corrosion resistance, low density and high mechanical strength of the final components. AM parts require a reduced thermal post-processing in