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Body structure The core element of any car is the body structure. The car body connects all the different it houses the drive train and most importantly carries and protects passengers and cargo. The body structure needs to be rigid to support weight and stress and to securely tie together all the

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the engine, the installed options, and the integrated safety features. In the European market, the dominating car body design concept is the monocoque design. Less than 5 of the light vehicles built in Europe use a body-on-frame design. The car body comprising the body-in-white, the closures, the bumpers and different

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Car body (body-in-white (BIW), hoods, doors, wings, bumpers and 26 kg (20 components analysed) in bonnets and doors, front structure and Corresponding Nonferrous Met. Soc

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several decades in the history of car making the application of conventional cold rolled steels dominated the car body manufacturing. However, in the last years there were very dynamic and multidirectional developments mainly initiated by the requirements to produce lightweight car body

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prerequisite for multi-material structures in car bodies is the availability of material-capable and cost-efficient joining technologies (Ref 6, 7).Due to the dissimilar properties of the materials in such composite designs, classic automotive high-productive welding technologies like gas metal arc welding or resistance spot welding (RSW) quickly reach their process

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Chassis Suspension Subframes . subframe in an automobile is to distribute high local loads over a wider area of the body structure (most relevant in thin-walled monocoque body designs) and to isolate vibration and As a natural development from a car with a full chassis, separate front and rear axle

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in the Simulation of Car Body Structures made from Composite Materials 1. Challenges in the Simulation of Car Body Structures madefrom Composite MaterialsJochen Nico Feindler, Audi Lightweight Design Center5th European HyperWorks Technology Conference,Bonn 7.-9. Nov. 2011

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European Aluminium is an industry association in Brussels representing 80+ member companies and advocating at EU level for the European aluminium value

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European Free Trade Association, and supports essential requirements EU Directive(s). For relationship with EU Directive(s), see informative Annex ZA, which is an integral part this document. This European Standard is part the series EN 12663, Railway applications Structural requirements

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The Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC) develops and proves innovative manufacturing processes and technologies in an agile, low risk environment, in partnership with industry, academia and other institutions. We focus on delivering bespoke manufacturing system solutions for

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Lead is still widely used for car batteries, pigments, ammunition, cable sheathing, weights for lifting, weight belts for diving, lead crystal glass, radiation protection and in some solders. It is given by the ratio of the pressure on a body to the fractional decrease in volume. Vapour pressure. In 2006 the European Union effectively

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Architectural and common industrial applications are next in line, followed by automobiles (which on average use 300 pounds of the stuff), then aerospace. That is a lot of metal being added to the

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Aluminium Minitor - 1,80 x 1,20 m. Sie erhalten ein robustes Fussballtor aus Aluminium Breite 1,80 m und 1,20 m). Der Durchmesser der runden Torpfosten ca. 8 cm Pure aluminium is quite soft and lacking in strength. In most applications various aluminium alloys are used instead because of their higher strength and

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2 of this, aluminum-magnesium alloys are widely used in building and construction, storage tanks, pressure vessels and marine applications. Examples of common alloy applications 5052 in electronics, 5083 in marine applications, anodized 5005 sheet for architectural applications and 5182 makes the aluminum beverage can

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Innovative lightweight designs using carbon-fiber-reinforced plastics, cable insulation for high-voltage systems, vehicle heating systems, filmcovered body components and glazing with integrated solar power technology are opening up compley new applications for plastics in future generations of says the director of the conference

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Written questions by Members of the European Parliament and their answers given by a European Union institution 117 Contents. by Konstantinos Poupakis to the Commission. Subjec Raising the European public\'s awareness of the need to support Member States with serious borrowing problems.

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a) Passages Passages in front of of main switchboard switchboardss shal shalll have a hei height ght of minimum 2 m. The same applies to passages behind switchboards having parts that require operation from the rear. b) The width of the front passage shall be at least 0.8 m for low voltage, and 1 m for high voltage switchboards. swi

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De nombreux exemples de phrases traduites contenant alloy Dictionnaire et moteur de recherche de traductions